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  • Religious Conversion Worst Form of 'Intolerance,' Bhutan PM Says

    In the Kingdom of Bhutan, where Christianity is still awaiting legal recognition, Christians have the right to proclaim their faith but must not use coercion or claim religious superiority to seek conversions

  • Church in China to Risk Worshipping in Park

    One of the largest unregistered Protestant churches in Beijing plans to risk arrest by worshipping in a park this Sunday after eviction from the restaurant where they have met for the past year.

  • Malaysian Christians Seek to End Restrictions on Malay Bibles

    Christian importers of Bibles that Malaysian officials detained are balking at conditions the government has imposed for their release, such as defacement of the sacred books with official stamps.

  • Nepal Church Bomber Faked Repentance

    The chief of a militant Hindu extremist group sought to disguise his extortion and terror activities from behind bars by claiming he had repented of bombing a church in Nepal and showing interest in Christianity, according to investigators.

  • Indonesian Church Reports Defiant Mayor to National Police

    A month that saw the Bogor city mayor defying a Supreme Court decision granting a building permit for a church in Bogor, West Java culminated in police turning away those seeking to worship and church leaders on Friday filing a police complaint on the mayor with National Police.

  • Judge Exonerates Jailed Evangelist in Bangladesh

    A judge this week exonerated a Christian sentenced to one year in prison for selling and distributing Christian literature near a major Muslim gathering north of this capital city, his lawyer said.

  • Prospects Dim for Religious Freedom in Nepal

    A new constitution that Nepal\'s parliament is scheduled to put into effect before May 28 may not include the right to propagate one\'s faith.

  • Two Indian Christians Languish in Saudi Prison

    Friends and family of two Indian Christians arrested after a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia in January have tried in vain to secure their release. To date the Christian Indians have been in prison for 67 days. Their family and friends say they still have not been able to obtain a document with official charges but know from the prisoners that the charges are religious in nature, according to the source. At the time of their detention, the Christians were not engaging in religious activities.

  • Christian in Bangladesh Goes to Prison for Evangelism

    A Christian has been sentenced to one year in prison for \"creating chaos\" by selling and distributing Christian books and other literature near a major Muslim gathering north of this capital city.