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  • Attacks on Indonesian Churches Spiked in 2010, Group Says

    Violations of Christians\' religious freedom in Indonesia jumped from 12 incidents in 2009 to 75 last year, according to a report from the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace.

  • Official Recognition Eludes Christian Groups in Bhutan

    Bhutan officials have given assurances that freedom for Christians to worship \"within the cultural norms\" of the tiny Buddhist nation in the Himalayas will not be violated, but they remain ambiguous on whether and when the miniscule community will obtain legal identity.

  • Anti-Christian Speeches in Iran Led to Crackdown, Sources Say

    Speeches by Iranian religious and political figures between August and October who acknowledged the existence of home fellowships and condemned them as a threat to the state triggered Iran\'s crackdown on Christians in the past few months, analysts said.

  • Trauma Grips Survivors of Church Blast in Alexandria, Egypt

    On Saturday, while the rest of his country was locked in political riots, Michael was placed on a plane with five others to Germany for medical treatment; his prognosis is still uncertain.

  • Supreme Court in India Rejects Bail of Orissa Legislator

    India's Supreme Court on Tuesday (Jan. 25) rejected the bail granted to Hindu nationalist Orissa state legislator Manoj Pradhan following his conviction in the murder of a Christian, Parikhita Nayak.

  • Nepal Christians Fight for Burial Rights

    Three years after the death of a Christian who was a captain in the Nepal Army, his widow, Gamala Guide, faces fresh grief. The grave of her husband, Narayan Guide, is threatened with destruction as authorities of Nepal\'s most powerful Hindu temple are reclaiming the forested land where it is located.

  • Christians Suspect Cover-Up in Pastor's Death in India

    Relatives of a pastor who was found dead in a secluded area in eastern Orissa state\'s Kandhamal district last week have accused local police of a cover-up.

  • Burmese Army Oppresses Chin Christians, Study Says

    Burmese soldiers are systematically using forced labor, torture and rape to persecute majority-Christian residents of Chin state in western Burma, according to a report released today. The Chin are estimated to be 90 percent Christian, and the study indicates that it is therefore difficult to separate religious attacks from ethnic and other human rights abuses.

  • Jailed Pakistani Woman Living in Constant Fear, Husband Says

    A mother of five sentenced to death on \"blasphemy\" charges has lived in constant fear since the killing of Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer, her husband told Compass as he came out of Sheikhupura District Jail after meeting with her last week.

  • Pakistani Police Allegedly Make Threats after Murdering Christian

    Pakistani police are threatening the father of an 18-year-old Christian man whom officers raped, killed and threw into a sewer last week, according to area Christians.