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  • Somali Teenage Girl Shot to Death for Embracing Christ

    A 17-year-old girl in Somalia who converted to Christianity from Islam was shot to death last week in an apparent \"honor killing,\" area sources said.

  • Ethiopia Imprisons Christian Accused of Defacing Quran

    A Christian in Ethiopia\'s southern town of Moyale who languished in jail for more than three months after he was accused of desecrating the Quran has been sentenced to three years of prison, church leaders said.

  • 2 Church Buildings Torn Down in Tanzania

    Radical Islamists are suspected in the demolition of two church buildings on Tanzania\'s semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar on Sunday (Nov. 21), as members of the congregations have since received death threats from Muslims.

  • Burmese Officials Order Closure of Church

    Officials in Mergui Region in Burma, ordered a Baptist church to cease holding worship services after the pastor refused to wear an election campaign T-shirt supporting the military government\'s Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

  • Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death Stunned, Shattered

    \"I don\'t know why – when I walked into court that day, I just knew,\" Asia Noreen said, tears returning to her eyes and her voice shaking. \"And when the judge announced my death sentence, I broke down crying and screaming. In the entire year that I have spent in this jail, I have not been asked even once for my statement in court."

  • Christian Jailed in Afghanistan to Face Judge on Sunday

    An Afghani amputee in prison for his Christian faith since May will face a judge this Sunday (Nov. 21) without legal representation or knowledge of the charges against him, according to local sources.

  • Pakistani Woman Appeals Death Sentence for 'Blasphemy'

    Attorneys for a Christian mother of five sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly speaking ill of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, have filed an appeal of the verdict, they said.

  • India Christians Still Face Boycott, Forced Conversion

    More than two years after losing relatives and property in anti-Christian violence, there is no sense of relief among survivors in India\'s Orissa state, as many are still ostracized and pressured to \"return\" to Hinduism, according to a private investigation.

  • Lao Officials to Expel More Christian Families from Village

    Officials in Katin village, southern Laos have ordered six more Christian families to renounce their faith or face expulsion in early January, advocacy group Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF) reported Tuesday.

  • Legal Status Foreseen for Christianity in Buddhist Bhutan

    For the first time in Bhutan\'s history, the Buddhist nation\'s government seems ready to grant much-awaited official recognition and accompanying rights to a miniscule Christian population that has remained largely underground.