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  • Pakistani Court Acquits Christian Woman of 'Blasphemy'

    A Pakistani court on Wednesday exonerated a Christian woman of \"blasphemy\" charges after authorities had pressured her into making a false confession, according to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement

  • Prospects of Religious Freedom Appear Grim in Islamic Maldives

    It is feared that radical Islamists may extra-judicially punish anyone suspected of being a missionary or having converted away from Islam, and that they can pressure the government to remain indifferent to religious freedom.

  • Hundreds Attack Church Members in Indonesia

    Leaders of a church in West Java, Indonesia, demanded justice from police after a fifth attack from Muslim protestors left at least a dozen people injured Sunday.

  • Zanzibar Muslims Stop Church Building, Erect Mosque

    On an island off the coast of East Africa where the local government limits the ability of Christians to obtain land, officials in one town have colluded with area Muslims to erect a mosque in place of a planned church building.

  • Muslim Protesters Surround Worshippers in Indonesia

    Around 300 Muslim protesters and 300 police officers surrounded members of the Batak Christian Protestant Church (Huria Kristen Batak Protestan or HKBP) on Sunday as they worshiped in an open field in Ciketing, Bekasi, local sources said.

  • 2 Christian Families in Bangladesh Suffer Extortion, Beatings

    Two Christian women in Bangladesh\'s northern district of Jamalpur said village officials extorted relatively large sums of money from them – and severely beat the husband of one – for proclaiming Christ to Muslims.

  • Suspected Islamists Shoot 5 Christians to Death in Pakistan

    A dozen masked men shot five Christians to death as they came out of their church building here on July 15, two months after a banned Islamic extremist group sent church leaders a threatening letter, relatives said.

  • Pastor in Russian Republic of Dagestan Killed

    A pastor in the Russian republic of Dagestan known for founding the biggest Protestant church in the region and for successfully reaching out to Muslims has been killed by unidentified gunmen, local authorities have confirmed.

  • Two Christians Play Dead to Survive Attack in India

    Two evangelists said they survived an attack in Balaghat district, Madhya Pradesh, by playing dead last week when suspected Hindu extremists surrounded them and severely beat them.

  • Christian Nursing Student Nearly Dies from Assault in Pakistan

    A Catholic nurse trainee has regained consciousness after a Muslim doctor allegedly raped her and threw her from a hospital\'s fourth-floor window this month.