Danita Bye

Op-Ed Contributor

Parenting — 3 Steps to Help Your Millennial Build Collaboration Skills

Millennials are often thought to be expert collaborators. They've been working in teams since the first grade. They have digital technology at their fingertips, so it seems they can collaborate on a global scale in a matter of seconds. However, in mentoring up-and-coming leaders, I see that many need coaching on how to work in true collaboration.

Parenting — How to Help Your Millennial Develop Character in an Ethics-Starved World

As we see experienced, character-based leaders retire, we know that our world desperately needs young Christian leaders, like Joshua, to become valuable employees in the companies they work for and the communities they live in. Remember, Joshua became Joshua because he had Moses. Here's the critical question for each of us to consider: Will you be Moses for the Joshua in your life?