Eric Metaxas

Christian Post Contributor

The Western Baby Bust: Who Will the Leaders Lead?

European leaders are begging their fellow citizens to have children. But it seems like a "Do as we say, not as we do," kind of message. From Tokyo to London, people are having fewer and fewer children: In some cases, they're having barely half as many kids as are needed to maintain a stable population without relying on mass immigration.

Welcoming Singles Into Your Church

Many churches today "don't know what to do with the single and childless." What should the church do to ensure that singles are every bit as much a part of the life of the church as married folks?

France and Down Syndrome

To most Americans, Charles de Gaulle was, as one writer put it, "an obnoxious, overly ambitious man who, in the grand French manner, strutted sitting down." But he had a daughter with a disability and she was the apple of his eye.

Russia's Crackdown on Religious Minorities

Russia's ongoing persecution of religious minorities — including evangelicals — and of missionaries and evangelists over the last year has earned it a place for the first time among the world's worst countries for religious liberty.