Jeff Schapiro

Christian Post Reporter

Bible Translators Face Challenges of Accuracy and Readability (Part 2)

Bible translators must understand both the meaning of the original text as well as the language they are translating it into – something Wycliffe Bible Translators describes on its website as being "like the clasping of two hands." But even with a good understanding, the nuances between languages present a challenge to translators who strive to convey the text's original meaning as accurately as possible.

West Point Military Academy at Center of Prayer Debate

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys sent a letter to the United States Military Academy this week explaining why, contrary to the complaints of a group that advocates for church-state separation, they believe invocations should continue to be said at certain West Point events.

Does CBS Super Bowl Ad Mock Christians?

Some people are accusing the CBS television station of subtly mocking Christians in a new Super Bowl XLVII advertisement, which was broadcast several times during an AFC Wild Card playoff game on Sunday.

Author Finds 'Unexpected Gifts' in Inevitable Challenges of Communities

Chris Heuertz understands the importance of community. Once mentored by Mother Teresa, he has spent nearly 20 years helping some of the world's most vulnerable and impoverished people in communities around the globe. Communities, like people, are messy and have their problems, but it's in that mess that Heuertz says there are "unexpected gifts" to be discovered.

Resolutions 2013: Christian Weight Loss Programs Address Emotional Eating

Those who made it their New Year's resolution to lose weight in 2013 have probably been making plans to exercise and thinking about all the foods they can and cannot eat in order to reach their goals. Some things they may not have considered, however, are the emotional and spiritual issues that may have been leading them to make poor eating decisions in the first place.

No Christmas Church Service for President Obama?

President Barack Obama and the first family have, in years past, attended church services as a part of their Christmas celebration in Hawaii, but a brief description of the President's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day activities doesn't mention churchgoing at all.