Jim Denison

Christian Post Columnist

Why You Need to Know About Gracie Gold

You may never have heard of Gracie Gold, but you need to know her story. Grace Elizabeth Gold is an American figure skater. The 2018 Winter Olympics are only five months away. At a time when skaters are working feverishly to prepare, Gracie is stepping away from her sport due to depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.

Couple Married 75 Years Die Together in Fire

The couple celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary last year. Charles was one hundred years old; Sara was ninety-eight and had suffered a stroke. They lived together in their home in Napa, California. This week, they died together.

Bible Lessons on the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Weinstein offered a pathway to acting fame and even to Academy Award recognition. When men learned that he was abusing women, they had a choice: they could risk their careers by telling what they knew, or they could hide behind the façade that they were doing nothing wrong themselves.

Massacre in Las Vegas: Our Father Is Grieving With Us

I am writing this with a grieving heart, just as I am sure you are reading it in stunned disbelief and sadness as well. I hate that we live in a world where a single person can inflict such horrific pain. I hate that our world is so unpredictable that what happened last night in Las Vegas could happen anywhere at any time. But I also know that our Father is grieving with us.

A Biblical Response to the Trump NFL Row

At a rally last Friday, President Trump called on NFL owners to fire a player who "disrespects our flag." In response, the Pittsburgh Steelers stayed in their locker room when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played. What biblical principles are relevant to this controversy?

Trusting God in Hard Times: A 9/11 Reflection

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma tore through southwest Florida yesterday. Christians across the country have prayed for Americans to be spared from the wrath of this unprecedented storm, but millions have been impacted by it. Is unanswered prayer is evidence that there is no God to answer it?

Travelers Fleeing Irma Complain About Airfares

Last Monday, John Lyons purchased a one-way ticket from Miami to get his daughter out of the path of Hurricane Irma. The ticket cost $159.20. By today, the price had climbed to $1,028. His social media post expressing his outrage soon went viral.

4 Lessons From the Joel Osteen Controversy

The media has publicized appalling condemnations of Joel Osteen's church before giving him an opportunity to respond. But a story about an "uncaring" megachurch fits the secular narrative of our "religion is irrelevant or dangerous" culture.

Hitler's Lies: Responding to Nazism Today

Any time a country faces an uncertain future, some turn to the past. Neo-Nazis are rising in popularity wherever white people feel threatened and victimized. What biblical truths should guide us as we respond to the rising racism and Nazism of our day?