Katherine T. Phan

Christian Post Reporter

Rick Warren Sounds Off on White Space Debate

Expressing concerns that unlicensed wireless devices would interfere with church services, megachurch pastor Rick Warren has urged the Federal Communications Commission to not open up television "white spaces" for unlicensed use when the agency meets on Nov. 4.

200,000 Silent Pro-Life Students Lend Voice to Unborn

At least 32 women have decided against abortion after speaking to students involved in a pro-life protest. Oct. 21 marked the 5th annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. Students engaging the silent protest wore red duct tape reading "LIFE" as a way to lend their voices to the thousands of unborn babies who will never have one.

Poll: Calif. Marriage Amendment Takes Lead

Following the launch of pro-traditional marriage television and radio ads, support for the California Marriage Amendment has picked up, according to a new statewide poll, which shows a majority of voters favoring a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage.

Tough Christian Bikers Ride for At-Risk Children

With leather apparel, bandanas, and salt-and-pepper beards, thousands of bikers that rode throughout the streets in 12 cities on Saturday may have looked tough on the outside but inside they had a big heart for people who haven't yet heard the message of Christ and for children whose parents are in prison.

Atheists 'Evangelize' on College Campuses

At least one Christian club or group can be found on most public college and university campuses today. It seems now that militant atheists are catching on. Atheists can now be found nearby Christians on college campuses "evangelizing" new adherents.