Morgan Lee

Christian Post Reporter

Historic 127-Year-Old Catholic Church Is Now a Mosque

A Catholic church in St. Paul that closed last year has reopened its doors as a mosque. The 127-year-old Church of St. John closed in 2013 when it merged with another church due to declining membership. Last Friday the building reopened as Darul-Uloom Islamic Center.

Christian College Delays Decision on Allowing Faculty to Be in Same-Sex Relationships

A Virginia Christian college that is considering reversing its policy that bans tenure-line faculty members from being in same-sex relationships has delayed its decision. Eastern Mennonite University announced in January that it would open up a formal six-month long "listening period" to consider reversing its ban on faculty same-sex relationships and had previously stated that it would announce its policy in June.

Meriam Ibrahim Released Again; Sudan Confirms US Family Is Safe

Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian mother who had been sentenced to death in Sudan by Islamic authorities, has been re-released, according to reports on Tuesday late afternoon. Ibrahim was originally sentenced to death and ordered to be lashed for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity.

Middle East Christians Welcome Syrian Muslim Refugees

As their countries have opened their doors to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees from its deadly civil war, the Christian community in Jordan and Lebanon have welcomed their beleaguered neighbors with aid, counseling, trauma support and family programs.