Morgan Lee

Christian Post Reporter

Don't Stereotype This Christian Movie

With a soundtrack which evokes the Grammy-winning British band Mumford and Sons and a protagonist who struggles with staying faithful to his wife, greed and fame, "The Song" may challenge audience notions of a stereotypical Christian film.

As Southern Baptist, Mainline Churches Lag, Assemblies of God Booms

Last month, Southern Baptists reported its seventh straight year of declining numbers. Yet, even as the largest American Protestant denomination, along with many other Mainline denominations, continue to lose members, the charismatic Assembles of God has experienced its 24th year of attendance growth in the United States.

Q&A: Open Doors Head on Iraq's Vulnerable Christian Community Amid ISIS Victories (Part 1)

Dr. David Curry is the CEO of Open Doors USA, an organization which advocates for persecuted Christians around the world. He recently returned from Egypt encouraged about the state of Coptic Christians, the focus of which will be featured in the second part of this Q&A. In Part 1, Curry discusses ISIS' surge in Iraq and its implications for Iraq's remaining 500,000 Christians and its effects on neighboring Syria.

Boy Scouts Gay Leader Ban Blasted by Eric Holder

United States Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday blasted the Boy Scouts of America's policy that bans openly-gay leaders and volunteers, accusing the organization of "only [preserving and perpetuating] the worst kind of stereotypes."

Is Hollywood Ignoring Christians?

Megachurch pastor of The Potter's House in Dallas and producer of the recent hit "Heaven Is for Real" T. D. Jakes urged Hollywood to create more films that reflected his own experiences in an editorial for Variety.

Has Religion Made Christians Less Creative?

According to filmmaker, fashion designer and author Erwin Raphael McManus, since the Renaissance and Reformation, Christians have often wrongly limited their faith calling to an intellectual, and not creative, vocation.