Penny Young Nance

Special to CP

Kim Davis and Religious Freedom: Chuck Colson Predicted This

Stealth Christianity is certainly what culture and even the US government is pressuring believers to embrace today. County clerks, judges and local officials are confronted with the dilemma today when faced with their entanglement in Supreme Court sanctioned same-sex "marriage." The most public of cases is a Kentucky clerk named Kim Davis.

'No Gender' December Is Not Positive For Children

Unfortunately, not all mothers are comfortable with the fact that their sons are "Wild at Heart" to quote a popular book. Not every boy is wired the same, but there are certainly some God-given, innate characteristics within most boys that we may not understand, but that we can celebrate and channel into positive, productive purposes.

2014: Evangelicals and the Midterm Elections

While the Republican Party is far from perfect, it is currently the political party that polls show most closely matches the core policy beliefs of values voters: evangelical, "born again" Christians and Catholics. According to pollster George Barna, there are 77 million "born again" evangelical and Catholic voters in the United States, but only about 30.6 million of them voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

The White House's War on Women of Faith

Hollywood might have called it, "Revenge of the Nuns." But this isn't Hollywood. This is reality. Real people, real women, fighting back against the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) attack on religious liberty, a right to which women have equal claim to as men.

The New York Times Should Envy Duck Dynasty

So it sounds like all is well with the world (well, in the reality television world anyway), now that Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family has been restored to the A&E family. However, something changed. The controversy sparked a national discussion in a way about which the Ivy League educated writers from The New York Times could only dream. Who knew a scruffy hunter from Louisiana could capture the attention of the nation so intensely.

Joe Biden: VP of Shilling

In an address to the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden called out the Tea Party as an impediment to the administration's progress. Biden spoke to the women's group and urged them not to let the mean old Tea Party wreck their "collective agenda." I am still wondering if he meant "collective" or "collectivist."

A Texas-Sized Fight for Life

There is an old song, "The eyes of Texas are upon you." And today, the eyes of the nation are on Texas as it grapples with the consensus on regulations for abortion. At last's nights rally on the steps of the Texas State Capitol, thousands of people linked hearts and voices to support the pro-life bill HB 2.

Abortion Stands Trial

Instead of taking responsibility for the culture of death surrounding abortion, advocates continue to justify their gruesome agenda by blaming their long list of casualties on the same individuals they criticize for embracing state protocols whose very purpose is to save lives.

Human Trafficking Victims: VAWA Supporters Just Didn't Care

We've learned that if you cleverly craft a bill's title to include women, puppies, or kids, convincing members to vote against it will be as hard as getting a straight answer on Benghazi. And that's exactly what happened Thursday. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed and anyone who wasn't paying attention is probably overjoyed that it sounds like Congress finally defended women.

D'SNL Unfunnied

Most of my Catholic and Anglican friends are busy observing Lent these days. We Evangelicals don't usually do too much other than anticipate the arrival of Passion Week, Good Friday, and of course, Easter Sunday. Fasting for Lent isn't something we usually observe, because for one thing, we Evangelicals insist on either going all in or not participating at all. I mean, seriously, you want us to choose only one thing? Sorry. We can't seem to grasp the idea of giving up just coffee when the other option is food of all kinds and all liquids except for water. We're the "all-or-nothing" bunch.

The Boy Scout's Most Important Badge: Courage

The all-out war against God's model for marriage and sexuality is at its apex. Just as we submit our Supreme Court "friend-of-the-court" briefs in support of marriage today, homosexual activists are putting enormous pressure on the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to finally embrace homosexuality by allowing homosexual leaders within their ranks.

It's a No-Brainer: Congress Must Pass the SAFER Act

We heard so much about the so-called "war on women" during the last presidential election, with both parties pointing the finger at the other. However, there is a real opportunity for Congress to protect American women before they leave for the Christmas break, and yet, the House and Senate are too busy haggling over the details to get it done.