Ray Downs

Christian Post Reporter

Police Crackdown on Sex Offenders on Halloween Is Pointless, Say Critics

In an effort to make Halloween safer for children roaming the streets in search of candy, police officers around the country are visiting the homes of sex offenders and, in some cases, even locking them up for the night, reflecting a take-no-chances approach toward sex offenders on the only night of the year where children visit the homes of strangers, despite evidence that the extra precautions are unnecessary.

World Population Now 7 Billion: Is it Too High?

The world's 7th billion baby was possibly born today, according to the United Nations (U.N.), and several babies are being recognized as the (7th billion) one. But despite the festivities, some doctors and environmentalists are wondering if the earth can handle such a high number of people.

'Kill Gaddafi' Video Game Created by Company Linked to Defense Department

If photos and videos of Muammar Gaddafi's death at the hands of rebels have not shown enough blood and carnage, a new video game developed by a reality game company that has collaborated with the U.S. Department of Defense will allow kids to relive the capture and murder of the ousted Libyan dictator over and over again.

Artist Turns Giving Birth Into Work of Art, Will Deliver Baby During Live Performance

A New York City performance artist is planning on turning her baby into a work of art. Marni Kotak, 36, has turned a section of an art gallery into a home-birth center where she will give birth among spectators as part of a new performance art piece, the Huffington Post reported. The “performance” will be one of several performances in which the artist has used real-life experiences for her art.