Rev. Mark H. Creech

Christian Post Columnist

Dead Burro in a Bathtub

Anything seemingly new today is popular and eagerly anticipated. Yet it's not the new that America needs to hunger so much as it is a restoration to the old. The message of judgment is nothing new, but if America doesn't heed that message of old and return to its religious moorings liberty cannot survive.

Alcohol: Juggling With Life's Many Daggers

Drinking alcohol today is a commonly accepted way of life, despite the fact that it has become the accepted killer of our time. Alcohol is a drug that claims more addicts than any other drug in America. Still, Christians differ on the role of alcohol in society.

Marching Forward With Eyes Wide-Shut

The denial of God has never been a part of America's heritage. But the current mythical view of the so-called "separation of church and state," which essentially removes any mention or acknowledgment of God and His Lordship from public life has been calamitously entrenched in the national psyche for way too long.

Election 2012: Christians Will Make a Choice – for Better or Worse

An aspiring politician gave his best shot at a campaign speech. He felt that it was a stirring, fact filled speech. Then the candidate looked out on his audience and asked, "Are there any questions?" That's when someone in the back row called out, "Who else is running?" That seems to be the sentiment of many Christians when it comes to the nation's choices for President in 2012.

God Fixation Can Fix This Nation

Quite to the contrary of the atheistic mindset, it was a "God fixation" that actually built and prospered this great country. All the values most beloved by Americans – those that changed much of the world – derived from a Christian perspective.

Restore the Real American Dream

Is this really what has become of the American Dream? This is far removed from an earlier time when the nation's attention was not so much on its possessions, but the quest to be a civil, just, righteous, freedom-loving, God-fearing, contented, thankful and generous people.

What's Your City's Smut Ranking?

Some erroneously maintain the First Amendment of the Constitution protects porn as freedom of expression. But that's just untrue. Despite the fact the Department of Justice is doing nothing to enforce obscenity laws, it's really a crime. Every Christian should be deeply concerned about the spread of the smut enterprise.

The 'God Gap'

There are times in life when nobody but the Lord will do. America is experiencing just such a time. Nothing better demonstrates how much danger this nation is in than the deep separation currently existing between its citizens.

Give Me Chicken and Not Baloney

For quite some time, gay activists have tried to convince the nation homosexuals are a class of people, who like blacks have been denied their civil rights. Therefore, to oppose their political agenda is discriminatory – a form of bigotry on the same par as racism. The comparison of homosexuality to race is like comparing apples and oranges.

When Leaders Fall

Well-known Raleigh News & Observer columnists, Rob Christiansen not long ago noted that once North Carolina had a good name for honest government.