Sasha Lane

BuzzVine Contributor

Duck Dynasty Family Favored Over Bill Maher in Christian Post Ownership Grab Survey; BTW...

Despite survey results that showed an overwhelming preference by readers of The Christian Post for a duck call specialist over an avowed atheist in a supposed battle for ownership of the digital media organization, neither Duck Dynasty's Robertson family nor famed comedian and atheist Bill Maher truly have an interest in becoming the new owners of The Christian Post (as far as this reporter knows).

Venezuela Uprising Now Has a Face: Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona Killed (PHOTOS)

A local beauty queen, Genesis Carmona, 22, who was a college student and model died of a gunshot wound on Wednesday, Reuters reported. It is unclear how many fatalities have occured to date from Venezuela's political unrest, as imprisoned protest leader Leopoldo Lopez is urging supporters to keep fighting for the removal or departure of the current socialist government.

Why Pray for Hollywood? 4 Myths Exposed

Hollywood Prayer Network answers the question, "Why pray for Hollywood?" in this video. The group, which is an incredible ministry that many people can vouch for experiencing in tangible ways, says it is a movement of prayer for the people, the projects, and the powerful impact of Hollywood: the world's most influential mission field.