Boyfriend's Affair Brings Tears, Leads to Amazing Flash Mob Wedding Proposal (VIDEO)

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/1migzG)

Every young girl has pictured what their dream wedding would look like when they grow up. Most of them picture something like a Disney movie with the prince walking them down the aisle. Most of the time that doesn't happen. But, in Nikki Marquez's case, tears turn to joy, as her boyfriend's apparent affair leads to an amazing dream-like proposal and wedding she could never imagine.

What started out with the couple sitting at a dinner table inside of a hotel arguing, turns into something incredible. The future husband, Justin Davis, is sitting talking to Nikki at the table and another girl comes over to them. This girl, who Justin supposedly cheated on Nikki with, throws a drink into his face. Nikki is in complete shock and Justin walks away from the situation pretending to be embarrassed. What happens next is so touching.

The whole restaurant is in on the flash mob and they create a surprise wedding proposal for the ages! Watch and see this incredible surprise marriage proposal and wedding below: