This Young Lady Was Misunderstood After Deciding to Keep Her Baby - Now She is Inspiring Millions (VIDEO)

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Lacey Buchanan)

2 years ago, Lacey Buchanan created a video that told the story behind her decision on keeping her baby boy, Christian. This encouraging video has inspired millions of people all over the world. By leaving such wonderful comments, Lacey's fans let her know how much this video meant to them. Especially the people from her hometown in Nashville, who look up to her for inspiration.

Nashville's best musicians got on board and created something special for Lacey and Christian. After spending hours in the studio, they came up with a BEAUTIFUL song called "No Night." They included little Christian in the video because he was the inspiration behind the song. The lyrics below are from this touching song that was created:

"There is no night so dark that it could hide your precious light."