Jim Daly

CP Contributor


  • Andy Stanley, Pope Francis, and the idolization of evangelism

    In both instances, it appears that the pope and Andy Stanley, along with many other “progressive” faith leaders, are prioritizing our need to pastorally serve and witness over the need to remain faithful to Scripture.

  • Two parents are a right — not a privilege

    Every child is entitled to both a mother and a father. It should not be considered a luxury or special advantage. My heart breaks that it’s quickly becoming the exception, and I share that as someone who knows the pain and ache that comes from growing up in a broken home.

  • Tim Keller’s unwavering, unapologetic faith bore fruit

    Tim Keller’s voice and wisdom will be missed, but he leaves behind a legacy that will live on like the many other giants of the faith on whose shoulders we now stand.

  • The best Father’s Day gift my sons ever gave me

    But of all the presents I’ve received from them, the most meaningful has been a report card. Not their report card – a “Dad’s Report Card” providing me with honest feedback on how I’m doing as their father.

  • The pro-life community is ready for a post-Roe world

    American families are already waiting in the wings to welcome these children into their homes. Just consider the fact that between 1 and 2 million couples are currently waiting to adopt a baby in the United States. This means there are more moms and dads available than children already being aborted even before Dobbs is decided.   

  • COVID policies: Stop treating children as political pawns

    Instead of serving as a calming voice of reason, some adults have contributed to the escalating hysteria — ignoring the facts for fleeting and misguided feelings, along with politically motivated concerns surrounding the virus. Never mind reality. Instead, they’ve developed a George Costanza philosophy – “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” 

  • President Biden’s immigration policies are placing children at risk

    “Can you help me?” the boy first asked the agent. “I was walking with a group, and they left me behind, and I don’t know where they’re at.”

  • COVID-19 pandemic is magnifying, multiplying suicide epidemic

    COVID-19 has claimed far too many lives around the world – but it’s also magnifying the ongoing pandemic of suicide and mental health challenges that predate the virus.

  • Words of ancient wisdom speak to today’s challenges

    Sadly, I can almost guarantee that the vast majority of the rioters and looters have grown up in broken homes. 

  • Faith-based adoption agencies under attack in Michigan

    Last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel caved to the ACLU and announced Michigan will force faith-based adoption agencies to violate their religious convictions or lose all state funding that make adoptions and foster care placements possible.