Jim Daly

Jim Daly

CP Contributor


  • The Six Myths Christians Believe About Politics

    Are we more concerned with shaping (and winning) the debate than we are with shaping and refining our own attitudes toward the world? If we're going to help win people to the heart of Jesus, it's critical that our own hearts are wedded to His.

  • Do You Live in a Generous State?

    A recent study commissioned by the Chronicle of Philanthropy revealed something that won't surprise many people of faith: the more "religious" a state or region of the country, the more likely its people are to give generously to charity.

  • Five Things This Hero Taught Us About Fighting Evil

    The story of Nellie Grey's life is a tremendous testimony to the power and significance of a single soul consumed by a magnificent obsession. She has taught us many things about fighting evil in general and abortion in particular.

  • Will China Stop Forcing Abortions?

    There is a big difference between 13 million abortions per year in China and nearly 1 million per year in the United States. Or is there? Regardless of the country or the circumstance, the babies involved are not consulted and the resulting loss of life is the same.

  • Penn State Sin Makes Every Man a Suspect

    The sins of one man at Penn State can be addressed in a court of law, but the consequences ripple like waves from the wake of a big boat. How many adults will keep their distance from kids out of a desire to protect and preserve their reputation?

  • How to Stop Worrying

    At a time of rising unemployment, anxious and volatile financial markets and shrinking personal retirement accounts, the story of Dale Carnegie's life - and his wisdom - serves as an inspirational and encouraging lesson.

  • Tebow, Kardashian and Our Worship of Idols

    All it takes is a 30-second perusal of the supermarket tabloids to confirm what you already know: There is an excessive, if not obsessive, draw to celebrity in the culture. From Tim Tebow to Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian, people are drawn to certain individuals, for any number of reasons.

  • When Fire Forces You From Home

    If you had only a few minutes to gather up a few select treasures of your life before fleeing a raging inferno, what would you take - and what would you leave behind?

  • 35 Steps to a Better Life

    What I'm going to share with you today is a version of a popular email forward. The author is unknown. But because the advice is so simple and foundational, it's probably worth reviewing again.

  • How Would You Spend One More Day with Your Dad?

    Here's the scenario: If you could turn back the clock and spend one last day with your father, what would you do? If your dad is still living, what would be the ideal way to enjoy his company? Father's Day, which is this coming Sunday, doesn't receive nearly the same degree of attention as Mother's Day. Nevertheless, millions of dads will still be hailed as heroes, and rightly so.