Jim Daly

Jim Daly

CP Contributor


  • Four Things You Can Do to Preserve Traditional Marriage

    Today's Focus on the Family broadcast features two of the brightest minds in the country discussing the Supreme Court's recent oral arguments on the matter of same-sex marriage.

  • Why the Media Blackout Over the Gosnell Trial?

    The fact that people openly acknowledge that a news professional is taking a risk for reporting factual news reveals the depth of the media's bias when it comes to the issue of life.

  • The Secret Parents Don't Want Their Kids to Know

    Children, please turn away from the computer. Here's the secret: moms and dads aren't perfect. Sometimes we hurt our kids' feelings with the things we say, often without even knowing it.

  • 8 Lessons From the World's Happiest Couples

    The May edition of Reader's Digest features a breezy article titled "Is Your Marriage Normal or Nuts?" Don't answer just yet.

  • Fiscal Cliff? How About the Moral Cliff?

    All this conversation about an economic cliff has got me thinking: Is there a moral cliff? And have we already reached it – or are we walking dangerously close to the edge?

  • Have You Heard About This Christian Scandal?

    What if I told you there's a story circulating within the national media today about a controversial female Christian evangelist who's wrapped up in a scandal of major proportions? The married evangelist in question has been rumored to have had several extramarital affairs, even one with a well-known Hollywood celebrity. Known for her progressive theology, some have accused her of peddling feminist propaganda in the midst of her preaching.

  • My 'Foolish' Reaction to President Obama's Re-Election

    As many Christians who see the confluence of our faith and the many issues of culture, we poured our hearts and souls into this year's election. We donated our time and gave of our treasure. We made phone calls. We helped to register and educate new voters. We prayed.

  • What I Saw at Last Night's Debate

    "It's fun, isn't it?" Those were the words of Governor Romney shortly into last night's presidential debate with President Obama. I have to admit. The debate was fun. What an extraordinary country we live in, where two men with very different visions can stand on the same stage and politely, if not pointedly, debate the other.

  • Who Would Bully This Beautiful Girl?

    Have you heard about the 16-year-old Michigan girl who was voted to her high school's homecoming court as part of a so-called "prank"? This is bullying, plain and simple.

  • One Consequence of Same-Sex Marriage

    By the end of this month it's likely to be legal for children in California to have three parents. So why aren't two enough anymore? Same-sex marriage.