Ken Blackwell and Edwin Meese III

Op-ed contributor


  • Protecting Elections From Cheaters Isn't Racist

    Again state legislatures have approved new rules to prevent election fraud. Again federal courts have struck the laws down. Much of America's political and legal establishment is resolutely opposed to election integrity. It makes you wonder what they believe democracy is all about.

  • Can US Policy Help Iranians Achieve Freedom Through Regime Change?

    In considering future US policy toward such a totalitarian regime, it is imperative to consider whether there exists an alternative — a serious and credible opposition to the existing government. The answer, in the case of Iran, is clearly "yes."

  • Just Who Is the 'Establishment?'

    We all claim to hate the "establishment." And why not? Look at the mess around us. It's obvious that the folks in charge haven't done a very good job.

  • On Racism and Policing, Leadership Starts at the White House

    After last week's protests over police practices, mass killing of cops in Dallas, and usual efforts to take political advantage, it should be evident to every American that we face a crisis in public trust and accountability.

  • President Hillary Clinton Would Mean the End of American Exceptionalism

    The Left gets aroused when, say, a businessman takes advantage of the system. But they turn a blind eye when it comes to one of their own. Like presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton.

  • Hillary Clinton: The Big Business Candidate

    Many leaders of big business support Hillary Clinton. Last week she announced a list of 56 corporate backers. No wonder Bernie Sanders is still running against her.

  • Obama Endorses Lawlessness

    It won't be the first time an incumbent attempted to help elect his successor. But never before has the conflict been so great, with the current president presiding over a criminal investigation of his party's presumptive nominee.

  • Republican Party Is No Longer the Party of Business? Great!

    Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently complained to a Wall Street gathering that "the Republican Party is no longer the party of business."

  • Trump Is Bad, but Not Worse Than Hillary

    Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president. His imminent triumph has created shock and dismay within the GOP. A number of top Republicans are threatening not to support Trump. A few have proposed launching a third party bid.

  • What Republicans Must Do to Win in November

    The media almost always is more interested in process than substance. So it's been big news that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are cooperating in their effort to stop Donald Trump from winning a majority of delegates and thus the nomination.