Ken Blackwell and Edwin Meese III

Op-ed contributor


  • 6.3 Million Gun Owners Could Lose Their Licenses in Virginia

    Voters are fickle and often don't pay much attention to races besides the top ones, like president and governor. That must be why Virginians narrowly elected Mark Herring state attorney general two years ago.

  • Stop Terrorists From Killing Americans, Not Americans From Owning Guns

    Another terrorist attack, another refusal by President Barack Obama to tell the truth. Instead of admitting that Islamic terrorists had staged another murderous assault on innocent people, he turned the victims into a political prop. Instead of explaining how he intended to stop terrorists from killing Americans, he launched another campaign to stop Americans from owning guns.

  • Be Compassionate But Cautious When Accepting Refugees

    Americans always have welcomed those fleeing danger and oppression abroad. Some of the earliest Americas crossed the Atlantic to escape religious persecution in Great Britain.

  • Attack ISIS, but Don't Help Assad, Putin and Iran

    In leading his country in the confrontation of a unique set of challenges Winston Churchill famously said: "This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure."

  • Why Most Americans Could Soon Be Insured by Only 3 Companies

    At a recent Congressional hearing, Dr. Mandy Cohen of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services explained that almost 700,000 Americans have lost their health coverage because the insurance co-ops formed under ObamaCare to foster competition couldn't compete with "big, experienced players" in the insurance marketplace.

  • Stop Appeasing Iran's Ayatollahs as They Crackdown on Dissidents

    Shaqayeq Azimi is an aspiring, joyful girl of 22 with a full life ahead of her. She is also an Iranian dissident, committed to challenging the repressive theocracy that rules her home country.

  • Crony Capitalism Splits House Republicans

    Advocates of crony capitalism just won't give up. Last Friday, a large block of House Republicans joined Democrats in signing a discharge petition to force revival of the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) to the House floor.

  • Kim Davis, Abraham Lincoln and Conscientious Objectors

    Most liberals and even some conservatives are arguing that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis must either issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or quit her post. Where you stand on this issue too often comes down to a case of where you stand on the question of whether same-sex nuptials are now "the law of the land" because Justice Tony Kennedy and four of his black-robed cohorts say so.

  • United Nations: Withdraw the Welcome Mat for Iran's Rouhani

    The United Nations officially came into existence exactly 70 years ago when its charter was ratified. It was supposed to be a force for peace, coexistence and respect for human rights.

  • Change in Iran Won't Come From the Ayatollahs

    Just several weeks ago we concluded negotiations with a bad faith partner in the form of the Islamic Republic of Iran, resulting in a nuclear agreement that has been met with skepticism by our Saudi allies and with fury by Israel.