Marty Duren

CP Op-Ed Contributor


  • Why So Few Blacks at the Planned Parenthood Protests?

    Following the nationwide Planned Parenthood protests two Saturdays ago, I looked over as many photos of the events as I could find. Most images were from protesters themselves, published on social media. Some were from friends of mine; most were not.

  • Noah Movie: Why Christians Should Stop Complaining About Biblical Movies and Watch Them

    The Noah movie opens today to a confusing chorus of Christian voices. Some say, "Go," while others say, "No." Some say, "Good," while others say, "Heresy." So predictable.

  • The Music Kids Listen to These Days and 4 Reasons to Listen Too

    Who has not at some point heard the plaintive wail of some adult, "The music kids listen to these days…" This is normally accompanied by an exhale and shaking of the head. It is as if the world will end at any moment.

  • Maybe Christians Should Cut Matthew McConaughey Some Slack

    Mr. Matthew McConaughey was awarded the Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar Sunday night for his performance in the AIDS-themed movie Dallas Buyer's Club. Almost immediately his acceptance speech sent social media ablaze with condemnation. Why? Because he talked about God too much. Or, he did not talk about God the right way. Or, the fact that he was thanking God for opportunities that may have included acting in raunchy movies.

  • What One Follower of Christ Thinks About Universal Health Care

    The current American version of Universal Healthcare (UHC), Obamacare, has been the subject of not a little debate. One side seems to think it is a literal panacea. The other places it somewhere between overt communism or the total collapse of the U.S. economy and Satan worship accompanied by child sacrifices.

  • Four Observations When Leading Through Change

    Fewer things are more difficult than leading an organization through change. Leading through change in periods of upheaval should come with battle pay. Good transitional leadership is priceless.

  • 10 Random Thoughts for the New Year

    I cannot find a biblical reason to be against food stamps and for corporate welfare at the same time.

  • Atheist Own Faith Challenged by the Faith of Prostitutes and Junkies

    When American Christians say Jesus is the savior of prostitutes, druggies and thieves, I daresay this is not what they have in mind.

  • Are There Any LGBT Community Members Who Support Free Speech?

    The big news from this morning was the GQ interview with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. My question is where are the members of the LGBT community who still believe in the First Amendment to the Constitution? Does free speech only count during Pride weeks and Pride parades?

  • No, No Megyn Kelly, Jesus Was Not a White Guy

    Megyn Kelly is a popular personality on Fox News. In a recent segment, Kelly took up her sword to challenge a writer, Aisha Harris's assertion that Santa Claus should no longer be white. Harris calls for a complete makeover: make Santa a penguin. This, however is not the real problem. Kelly asserts that Jesus was white!