Miles G. McPherson

Exclusive Columnist

Miles McPherson is the Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego. He is also a motivational speaker and author. McPherson's latest book “The Third Option” speaks out about the pervasive racial divisions in today’s culture and argues that we must learn to see people not by the color of their skin, but as God sees them—humans created in the image of God.



  • God's Caller ID

    These days almost every phone has Caller ID on it. You also might identify your caller with a ringtone or a tune or a photo. Whatever the cool feature you use, Caller ID helps you decide whether or not to answer the call.

  • Worship 101

    Are you on the devil's treadmill? Do you fill every last minute of the day with busy work, like a gerbil in a wheel, chasing after some prize unseen? How many minutes do you spend each day simply sitting quietly before God?

  • Clearing Up Your Vision Problem

    A vision is a picture of your preferred future. You may have kicked off the New Year by resolving to drink less, shed pounds or quit amassing debt. How's that working out for you so far?

  • Without My Job, Who Am I?

    It is highly likely that you know someone, a friend, family member, colleague or fellow church-goer who is unemployed. Maybe it’s you. Faced with a frightening shift in your sense of self, you may wonder, “Without my job, who am I?”

  • Sex: Bonding or Bondage?

    Our culture is obsessed with sex. Tune in to any top forty radio station and you may find yourself trying to explain the meaning of ménage à trois to your 10-year-old.

  • Got Blessings? Pass the Money Test

    What is the fastest way to make a Christian squirm? Talk about tithing.

  • Dead Wrong: Getting to the Root of Casey Anthony Hate

    Our fascination with the plight of Casey Anthony is grounded in the fact that her actions have violated the most basic principles of human nature, the image of God in which we were made.

  • Finding Pain's Purpose

    Why do blameless children endure unspeakable pain? It’s a tough question and one that’s often asked: If God is love, why does He allow evil to flourish amongst us?

  • Demons Deceit

    King of Kings. Liar. Crutch. Alive. Irrelevant. Messiah. What words do you use to describe Jesus? In front of others and during quiet moments with yourself… who do you say He is?

  • Prepare for the Worst; Pray for the Best

    As preparations are made to celebrate Memorial Day, many are focused on finding the perfect food for the backyard barbeque or how that extra day off is going to be used. However, it is important for us to reflect on the true meaning of that day.