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  • Evangelicals and Global Warming

    Despite conflict among evangelicals over the existence of anthropogenic global warming, there has been a great deal of consensus on the theological basis for addressing environmental degradation.

  • My Phone Conversation with Terry Jones

    Some may not understand why we would even give him the time of day. But the biblical imperative is that we must seek to dialogue with those we profoundly disagree with. All our values as Christians must be lived out no matter how difficult.

  • For Obama, Human Rights Mean Moral Wrongs

    The Obama Administration has given the United States bad marks on human rights for failing to live up to a Soviet-inspired treaty we have never ratified.

  • Koran Burning: How Dare the Muslim World Lecture America on Religious Tolerance

    The sad fact of the matter is that when a crazy Christian decides to burn books, crazy Muslims (who it has to be said seem to be rather more numerous) decide to burn people