Tullian Tchividjian

Tullian Tchividjian

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  • The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church

    Take some time this weekend and listen to this lecture by my dear friend, Rod Rosenbladt: "The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church."

  • Jesus Is For Losers

    Jesus Is For Losers

    Often, when a sports team is losing and the game is almost over, fans will start to head for the exits. Sometimes they want to beat the traffic home, but often, they're just disgusted with the way the game is going and can't watch any more. It's interesting to note the human movement: when the team seems sure to lose, the people move away, literally leaving the arena. If a miracle happens, and the team looks like it might win, they come streaming back.

  • Tullian Tchividjian: Reflections On My 'Break-Up' With The Gospel Coalition

    Tullian Tchividjian: Reflections On My 'Break-Up' With The Gospel Coalition

    The very public "break-up" between The Gospel Coalition and me weighs heavy on my heart.

  • Reader's Digest Christianity

    Reader's Digest Christianity

    We read the story (or hear the sermons) and sing the song and make this whole account about Joshua and how he bravely fought the battle of Jericho and how as a result of his great faith, the walls came tumbling down and he led his people into the Promised Land. And then we turn it into nothing more than a moral lesson. When we read the story of Joshua this way, we demonstrate that we've completely missed the hinge on which this story turns.

  • Two Favored Sons

    Two Favored Sons

    Want to know how to read the Old Testament? Here's a quick primer: Martin Luther said that everything bad in the Old Testament (and there's a lot) is there to point out our sin, while everything good in the Old Testament is there to point us to our Savior.

  • We Don't Find Grace, Grace Finds Us

    We Don't Find Grace, Grace Finds Us

    I think that most people, when they read the Bible (and especially when they read the Old Testament), read it as a catalog of heroes (on the one hand) and cautionary tales (on the other). Running counter to this idea of Bible-as-hero-catalog, I find that the best news in the Bible is that God incessantly comes to the down-trodden, broken, and non-heroic characters.

  • 'LiveStrong' Christianity

    'LiveStrong' Christianity

    A couple months back I wrote about Reader's Digest Christianity, and how it reduced the Christian faith to pithy, easily-achievable goals that ensure our personal improvement. Here, I have a different (though depressingly similar) target: "LiveStrong" Christianity. We've come to believe that the Christian life is a progression from weakness to strength.

  • Does Grace Make You Lazy?

    Does Grace Make You Lazy?

    My new book, One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World, comes out Oct. 1. It is, without question, the most important book I've written to date. My hope and prayer is that God would use it to awaken burdened people (and that's all of us!) to the breathtaking freedom that Jesus secured for sinners like me. Below is a short excerpt that will give you a small taste of the whole.

  • Grace And Personal Identity

    Grace And Personal Identity

    The area of personal identity is a place where the rubber of grace meets the road of everyday life in an especially palpable way. If an identity based on "works of the law" looks like John Fitzgerald Page, what might one based on the one way love of God?

  • Is Your Life Defined by a Ladder or a Cross?

    Is Your Life Defined by a Ladder or a Cross?

    There are other important things in life that can tell us what kind of person you are: chunky peanut butter, or smooth? Regular cola, or diet? It seems to me that the same is true when it comes to reading the Bible. Do you read the Bible as a helpful tool in your climb up toward moral betterment or as the story of God coming down to broken, sinful people?