Vianne Ilagan

Christian Post Contributor


  • \'13 Reasons Why\' Season 3 is Still a Possibility, Confirms Paramount Executive

    \"13 Reasons Why\" season 2 has not premiered yet, but talks about a possible season 3 are already swirling around. Since the beginning of this year, there have been rumors that Netflix has secretly renewed the series for a third season, and Paramount president Amy Powell hinted it in a recent interview.

  • Macaulay Culkin Talks About 'Home Alone' Conspiracy Theories With Jimmy Fallon

    "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin recently talked about the "Home Alone" conspiracy theories on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Culkin guested on the show to discuss his new Bunny Ears website and podcast, but Fallon took the opportunity to segue to the fun theories surrounding the 1990 comedy.

  • Andy Serkis Says He Would Love to Return as Snoke in 'Star Wars 9'

    "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" actor Andy Serkis recently expressed his interest to reprise his role as Supreme Leader Snoke in the next "Star Wars" film. At the 55th Annual International Cinematographers Guild Publicists Awards, the actor revealed that he would be happy to extend his character's life in the current "Star Wars" trilogy.

  • Director John Francis Daley Confirms 'Flashpoint' Movie Is Still Pushing Through

    For a while, it looked like the "Flashpoint" movie was not going to happen anymore. Over the weekend, however, John Francis Daley took to Twitter to confirm that the film is still happening and that it is going to be helmed by "Game Night" directors Jonathan M. Goldstein and Daley himself.

  • 'Deadpool 2' Standees Hint at Film's Official Title

    New promotional materials for "Deadpool 2" have allegedly revealed the official title of the highly anticipated "Deadpool" sequel. Last week, theaters in North America have started promoting the film through standees, which include some humorous details about the film and a possible clue about its title.

  • Indiana Pacers Win Against the Washington Wizards, Move Up in Eastern Conference Standings

    The Indiana Pacers have emerged victorious after their game against the Washington Wizards, allowing them to jump over their opponent by a half-game in the NBA standings. What the Pacers have accomplished was something no one thought was possible before the beginning of the season.

  • Chicago Bulls Looking to Extend Bobby Portis' Contract

    The Chicago Bulls is looking to extend the contract of Bobby Portis with them. The up-and-coming young forward has been an asset to the team this season, so it is highly possible for the Bulls to secure his services on a long-term contract.

  • New Details About 'Zorro' Reboot Hint at a Female Lead Character

    Although not much has been heard about the "Zorro" reboot, the project has seen significant movements in recent months. Just last week, new details about the "Zorro" reboot were revealed, hinting at a possible gender twist.

  • Sony Pictures Confirms October 2019 Release Date for 'The Crow' Reboot

    The next "The Crow" movie finally has a release date. Last week, Sony Pictures confirmed that the highly anticipated film would arrive in theaters in October next year.

  • Leaked Set Photos From 'Shazam!' Suggest Film's Ties with DCEU

    New set photos from "Shazam!" have suggested the film's connections with the DC Extended Universe. Last week, some leaked photos from the set of the upcoming film revealed that DC superheroes Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batman and Superman are going to have cameos in "Shazam!"