Adventure is Following Him Where He Leads Me

When we're in love with Jesus, the things we do for him become a wild, fun adventure. Hard times become bearable because the one we cling to is the one who matters. If everything we've worked for crashes down around us, our identity doesn't crash down with it. Because the one we need, love and find our purpose and hope in, never fails. He is steady, constant, unchanging, true.

God is Even the Lord of Rest

I love that God values rest and I love that we can value it too. Sometimes I think we are afraid of the silence because we get our value from the busyness. God loves us enough to value us even when there's silence and no activity.

Where to Go in 2018

Once one develops an appreciation for the history and architecture of old churches it can become a time consuming hobby — one that many of your friends will never understand.

Does Modern Feminism Have a Misogyny Problem?

Feminism, in all of its forms since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, hasn't liberated women but has instead attempted to eradicate the nature of womanhood in favor of a type of androgyny in which women function more like men, says Julie Roys, author of "Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God's Surprising Vision for Womanhood."

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