'16 & Pregnant' Season 5 Trailer Released - Meet the New Moms (VIDEO)

(Photo: Screengrab/YouTube)One of the girls from the new season of '16 & Pregnant.'

MTV's hit reality series "16 & Pregnant" is back for a fifth season with plenty of drama and tears for fans. The new mothers face trials and tribulations as they attempt to navigate nine months of pregnancy and delivery, complete with relationships and health issues.

Maddy Godsey, Summer Rewis, Aleah Lebeouf, Karley Shiples, and Autum Crittendon are among the 12 girls who decided to share their pregnancy stories with MTV and viewers around the world. According to E! Online, some of the stories include those of a star athlete who learns she's pregnant after having a one night stand; a young girl who becomes homeless soon after becoming pregnant; and another young mother dealing with her own mother's addictions.

"We are honored that these young women have shared their very personal, life changing journeys with us and our audience as they deal with the unchartered experience of becoming first-time parents at such an early age," Lauren Dolgen, Executive Vice President of development for MTV said in an official statement. "'16 and Pregnant' has gone above and beyond our expectations in terms of its impact on the decline of teen pregnancy and parenthood. We are excited to continue to provide a real and unfiltered look at the joy and pain of becoming a teen parent unexpectedly."

The series is now in its fifth season, and there is no word yet on whether there will be enough interest to develop a spin-off series. The original "16 and Pregnant" cast went on to star on the original series "Teen Mom," which followed their lives for four seasons before they decided to wrap it up. The girls from "Teen Mom 2" are still going strong and have reportedly been signed for a sixth season, which is unprecedented for the series. "Teen Mom 3" turned out to be a flop and was not even given a second season.

"16 and Pregnant" premieres Monday, April 14, on MTV.

Watch the trailer here: