'16 & Pregnant' Star Avoids Jail, Jokes How She 'Always' Gets Away With It

After recovering from a coma-like incident, Danielle Cunningham has had yet another narrow escape. The "16 & Pregnant" star narrowly avoided going to jail after assaulting her grandmother.

"Sooo happy. Therefore meaning I don't have to go to trial anymore, and NO jail time. Was so happy. But I sometimes wonder how I ALWAYS get into trouble with the law but ALWAYS get away with it. And still to this day have a clean record. EVEN after going to jail…lol," Cunningham wrote on her blog.

The 17-year-old was charged with assault after fighting with her grandmother, who locked her out of the house. It's unknown what triggered her grandmother to remove her from the home, but the assault charges stuck against Cunningham, who recounted the entire incident on her blog.

"I started crying and freaking out due to the fact I didn't wanna go back to jail and leave my son for 30 WHOLE DAYS! My lawyer went in and talked to the prosecutor and came out and said that the prosecutor actually decided to agree to lower my charges. So they lowered my charges to an M4 (level 4 misdemeanor). I have to complete anger management, 1 year probation, and it won't be on my record," Cunningham shared.

She also addressed her recent trip to the hospital, which she says was not due to a drug overdose but because she hadn't been eating regularly.

"I didn't eat for a week, literally barely ate anything. I've been stressed and a lot is going on in my life that you guys don't know and don't need to know," she wrote.

"I passed out in my best friend's car and was unresponsive. She threw water on my face and [it] didn't help. She drove me fastly [sic] to the hospital and I had quit breathing by the time I got there. The medic came with a stretcher… and by that time the doctor said I was pale and my lips were blue like I had no life in me," she added.

Now, though, Cunningham is fully recovered and free from the threat of jail. Provided she completes all the judge's requirements, Cunningham could be headed on a different path than former "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood, who is currently serving five years in prison.