'19 Kids and Counting' Down? Eldest Daughter, Jinger Duggar, Begs 'City Please' (VIDEO)

In an upcoming preview for "19 Kids and Counting," TLC sat down with the eldest of the Duggar girls, some of whom revealed that getting away from home is on the top of their list.

"City Please!" 18 year-old Jinger Duggar said. Duggar is the eldest of the girls and has recently shed light on her plan to flee the nest despite her parent's wishes to keep her close.

During an interview with the five eldest girls, when asked about their ideal love match, all of Jinger's sisters were quick to point out that the ideal person for Jinger would be at least three hours away from home.

"Probably for Jinger, she might do good with a visionary spunky person. Somebody that could provide her coffee," her sister Jill suggested as basic qualities.

"She doesn't want to live three hours out from civilization," Jessa intoned.

"No! Okay, city please! City please!" Jinger added, before she caught herself. "But I'd be ok anywhere, but city would be awesome."

Jill tried to explain that if Jinger didn't meet a city man than it would be a sign from God that it wasn't right for her life. Jinger offered a half-hearted response. At this point, it seemed clear that the girls were in on a secret desire that is not to be shared on television.

"Yes!" Jinger says with heightened eyebrows. "I need to work on my … contentment."

 Season six of "19 Kids and Counting" will premiere on Tuesday, August 28th at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central. The reality series focuses on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who have nine girls and 10 boys. All of the children have names that begin with a "J" and have an extremely religious background.