$1M in Pot on Beach: Massive Marijuana Find Near Air Force Base (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/SWVanderberg Screen Capture)Col. Nina Armagno giving a press conference into the drug recovery.

$1M in pot was found on a beach this week near Vandenberg Air Force base.

According to reports, the marijuana was found near a crashed boat on Thursday, and although the exact amount of drugs recovered was not revealed, officials have confirmed that it is estimated to be worth around $1 million

Officials have said that the amount of marijuana found took up basically the entire space on the crashed boat, which measured about 20 feet in length - the bales of marijuana also measured in at about six feet high each.

Col. Nina Armagno, 30th Space Wing commander, has reported, "What it looks like to me are large bags, kind of like dark-colored trash bags, wrapped up and stacked, and actually they have been covered in what looks like an attempt to camouflage them with brush."

Armagno confirmed that officials believe that the marijuana was being smuggled in on the boat, but that it seems like it crashed at some point.

Officials have also reported that the engine had been removed, although it was not sure whether this had been removed on purpose or if it had broken off during the crash.

Armagno told reporters, "Earlier this afternoon, our defenders discovered what appeared to be a large stash of illegal narcotics on our beach here at Vandenberg Air Force Base … We immediately secured the scene and started searching the beaches and the local area … I ordered all facilities to be searched and secured."

A manhunt was underway to look for those behind the drugs smuggling, with Homeland Security deploying helicopters and boats to help in the search. They are searching the waters around the Air Force Base, and also checking the beach areas by foot.

At the moment no arrests have been made in the drug incident.

Here is a video of Col. Nina Armagno giving a press conference into the drug recovery: