'2 Broke Girls' Season 7 Renewed or Cancelled?

(Photo: Facebook/2BrokeGirls)Promotional image for "2 Broke Girls" on their official Facebook page, as the Season 6 finale aired Monday, April 17 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS

The long-running sitcom "2 Broke Girls" capped off its season 6 run with a season finale episode on Monday, April 17. While a season 7 continuation is still up in the air, the showrunners of "2 Broke Girls" led by Michelle Nader promised that "This is not the end for these girls."

"2 Broke Girls" wrapped up season 6 on Monday with the season finale titled "And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie," with the last episode revolving around Caroline Channing's (Beth Behrs) biopic movie premiere. Caroline, Max Black (Kat Dennings), and the rest of the crew think about their future. The episode is pivotal not only for Caroline but also for Max and her love life.

Executive producer Michelle Nader recently talked with TVLine about the chances of a next season for "2 Broke Girls," as the show has aired its season finale without a renewal. The showrunner points out, for the sake of fans, that "This is not the end for these girls."

While Nader and the rest of the production team of "2 Broke Girls" are still weighing their chances at a season 7 run, the producers are determined to keep the series going. "We're not finished and we don't want to be finished and I don't think the audience is finished," Nader explained. "Obviously there's no guarantee that we will be back, but we did not write the episode as a series finale," Nader continued, keeping the door open to a sequel.

Now that the two girls are not quite as broke as they were — in the latter part of the season, they were actually doing well for themselves — what's next for season 7 of "2 Broke Girls"?

"This season for us was kind of ... I don't want to say a reboot, but we kind of think of the show as just beginning in a way," Nader answered. "With the girls successful and finding love, it's opened up a whole new world for us," Nader added, remaining optimistic that CBS will let them carry on with the story of the girls.

"We have creative urge to continue to do the show. CBS has been really supportive of us and so we believe that they'll want to see more of these girls," Nader further explained. If so, it looks like fans of the sitcom might get to see two not-so-broke girls in the near future.