3DS Propels Nintendo as it is Best Selling Console of July

Nintendo is on opposite sides of the spectrum as the 3DS was the highest selling console of July, while the Wii U was at an all time low.

According to Ubergizmo.com, Nintendo did not share the exact numbers but stated they received an increase of 14% over July of 2012.

It took a few years for the 3DS to really pick up as it was looking like a complete failure for Nintendo. However, steadily sales began to creep up as the handheld's library grew and its predecessor, the DS, faded out.

The Japanese company has blamed their recent failures on the tsunami and earthquakes that ripped apart Japan in 2011. Those events combined with money and property loss took aware resources from the company, and money from the pockets of gamers.

The 3DS finally picked up and they hope the Wii U will follow in those footsteps, however, one of the main problems is the lack of first party gaming. Nintendo has admitted this on several occasions.

The 3DS should see an even bigger bump this fall, as they anticipate the release of Pokémon X and Y.

They are bringing a change to one of the most popular series' of all time by adding a new feature called "Mega Evolutions."

In the game's universe, players capture these Pokémon to train and battle against other opponents. In an RPG style of play, the stronger your Pokémon gets, the more it will level up. Once one of these creatures reaches a certain level, they evolve into a stronger form of themselves. Some Pokémon, however, require a certain stone or scenario to make them transform. In X and Y certain Pokémon will need a Mega Stone.

According to the game company, these new mega evolved Pokémon will be much stronger in battle, although it is unknown how much more and in what ways.

The game is scheduled for an Oct. 12 release.