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4 Pro-Life Accomplishments During Trump's First 100 Days

4 Pro-Life Accomplishments During Trump's First 100 Days

Planned Parenthood South Austin Health Center is seen following the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a Texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet basic health and safety standards, Austin, Texas, June 27, 2016. | (Photo: Reuters/Ilana Panich-Linsman)

4. Overturning Obama-era regulation preventing states from defunding Planned Parenthood

In mid-April, Trump signed a resolution overturning an HHS regulation passed by the Obama administration as his days in the Oval Office were winding down that forced states to fund the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, which conducts over 300,000 abortions per year.

The rule effectively prevented states from redirecting funds for abortion providers to comprehensive healthcare clinics. Through the Congressional Review Act, conservatives in Congress passed a resolution striking down the Obama regulation. It was then sent to Trump, who signed it on April 13.

"The resolution signed by President Trump simply ensures that states are not forced to fund an abortion business with taxpayer dollars," the SBA List points out. "Rather, states have the option to spend Title X money on comprehensive health care clinics that better serve women and girls."

"It was a woman-led effort in Congress to get this bill on the President's desk. Rep. Diane Black and Sen. Joni Ernst sponsored the resolution," the list added. "Because this was done through the Congressional Review Act, the regulation cannot be reinstated by any future president. Never again will a pro-abortion president be able to force states to fund Planned Parenthood through Title X."

The SBA List also praised the Trump administration for its "resolute" efforts to repeal the "pro-abortion" Affordable Care Act, praising him for supporting legislation that would not only repeal Obamacare but also include a provision to redirect federal funding away from Planned Parenthood, which received over $500 million per year in federal funding during the Obama administration.

Although the GOP-led Congress has not been able to pass a resolution to repeal Obamacare or strip Planned Parenthood of funding, SBA List takes confidence in knowing that "the pro-life provisions are the least controversial element of the legislation."

"The president is working with all factions in the Republican Party to get the bill back on track," the list reads.

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