7 Things Barack Obama's Christian Cousin Dr. Milton Wolf Said That Suggest He Might Be Heading Into Politics

(Photo: Twitter/Milton Wolf)Dr. Milton Wolf.

President Barack Obama's firebrand conservative cousin from Kansas, Dr. Milton Wolf, says he's not a politician and would rather just practice medicine. But here are seven things he said recently that suggest he might be heading into politics.

1. "If I had a cousin whose policies were trying to turn America into Detroit, he'd look like Barack."

(Photo: Reuters/Rebecca Cook)The word bankruptcy is seen painted on the side of a vacant building by street artists as a statement on the financial affairs of the city on Grand River Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, July 26, 2013.

2. "If I had cousin whose healthcare takeover was called a train wreck by its lead author he'd look like Barack."

(Photo: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)A Tea Party member reaches for a pamphlet titled "The Impact of Obamacare", at a "Food for Free Minds Tea Party Rally" in Littleton, New Hampshire October 27, 2012.

3. "If I had a cousin whose idea of a post-racial America is a 43 percent unemployment rate for black teenagers, he'd look like Barack."

(Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)People wait in line to enter the NYCHires Job Fair in New York. The Senate passed a modest jobs creation bill on Wednesday and laid the groundwork for a larger package that would advance Democrats goal of bringing down the stubbornly high U.S. unemployment rate. February 24, 2010.

4. "If I had a cousin who claimed that an American ambassador was assassinated by a YouTube video, he'd look like Barack."

(Photo: Reuters/Anis Mili)Deceased U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

5. "If I had a cousin who intercepts every phone call in America but won't take a phone call from the Navy Seals in their hour of need, he'd look like Barack."

(Photo: Reuters/Bobby Yip)A bus passes by a poster of Edward Snowden, a former contractor at the National Security Agency (NSA), displayed by his supporters at Hong Kong's financial central district during the midnight hours, while Snowden is engaged in a live chat online believed to be in Hong Kong, on June 18, 2013.

6. "If I had a cousin that doesn't trust law-abiding Americans to arms themselves and yet arms the Muslim Brotherhood with fighter jets and Mexican drug lords with fast and furious guns he'd look like Barack."

(Photo: American Guns Facebook Page)Promo poster for Discovery Channel show "American Guns.

7. "If I had a cousin that didn't understand or believe in America's exceptionalism. He'd look like Barack."

(Photo: REUTERS/Mike Segar)New U.S. citizens hold American flags as they take the oath of citizenship during a naturalization ceremony beneath the Statue of Liberty during ceremonies marking the 125th anniversary of the Statue at Liberty Island in New York, October 28, 2011.