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7 Times Social Media Sites Censored Conservatives

7 Times Social Media Sites Censored Conservatives

Several Catholic Pages on Facebook
Facebook calls their survey for pedophilic acts a "mistake." | Reuters/Dado Ruvic

In July 2017, Facebook blocked nearly two dozen Roman Catholic pages that had millions of followers without an official explanation.

Most of the Catholic pages were based in Brazil, with a few that were English-speaking. One page, called "Jesus and Mary," had approximately 1.7 million followers. Another, called "Catholic and Proud," had about 6 million.

"Let's hope people of faith stand alongside the Catholics as they try to persuade Mark Zuckerberg to reinstate their pages," commented conservative pundit Todd Starnes at the time. "... because one day — Facebook might shut down the Baptist pages or the Lutheran pages."

Soon after, Facebook reinstated the Catholic pages, saying in a statement that they were removed when their spam detection system was "triggered accidentally."

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