8-Year-Old Sophia Brownlee Sings With Nicki Minaj On Ellen Show (Video)

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Youtube's newest viral video star, Sophie Grace Brownlee, appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres" show to meet Nicki Minaj, the creator of the song that made her famous.

Sophie Grace Brownlee is an 8-year-old little girl who covered rapper/singer Nicki Minaj's hit song "Superbass" on Youtube, along with her five-year-old cousin Rosie.

Brownlee was even able to pick up all of the eccentric voice inflections and flows of the hip-hop diva as she copied and recited the song word for word.

Sophia Grace even displayed great range on the chorus hitting some of the highest notes with almost more power than that of the singer herself.

"She blew me away," Minaj said on the Ellen Show.

DeGeneres knew she had to get Brownlee on her show to talk about the video and introduce her to Minaj.

"You said that you love Nicki Minaj right?" Ellen asked Brownlee, who answered, "Yeah."

After DeGeneres asked the girl if she wanted to meet her idol, an excited Brownlee jumped up and down and let out a big "Yeah!"

Minaj then walked out from behind stage much to the delight of the 8-year-old. She was bit confused until she realized it was the real Nicki.

Some members in the audience were in tears as Brownlee ran to Minaj and gave her a huge hug.

“Within five seconds of seeing this video, I was calling everyone I knew and I was also receiving a billion e-mails...Everyone was like ‘You have to see this little girl’," Minaj said.

Minaj then asked Brownlee to sing the bridge of the song for her. When the 8-year-old was done Minaj said, "You are amazing, seriously, I said superstar. We feel like we’re watching a journey that’s about to be, like, amazing.”

The rapper handed Sophia Grace and her cousin pink wigs and necklaces and promised they would go on a shopping spree the next day.

When Brownlee asked for only the rappers album, Minaj said, "I'll give you the album too – the clean version."

They then ended the segment singing "Super Bass" together.

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