9-Year-Old Stops Speeding Car as Mother Falls Unconscious

A young girl from Illinois is being called a hero after she saved her mothers' life. The woman went into diabetic shock, and her daughter stopped the speeding car they were traveling in.

9-year-old Alex Sheridan from New Lenox was traveling with her mother after the pair left a cousin's basketball game and were on their way home. It was then that Alex's mother Jennifer went into diabetic shock, leaving her drifting in and out of consciousness as their vehicle careened out of control.

"At one point she went through a stop light and then at another point she was going over 70 miles per hour, and on the secondary road," Alex told KSEE.

With her mother not being able to effectively navigate the car to a safe stop, Alex revealed that at one point the vehicle left paved roads and was headed to a patch of trees at the bottom of a ditch.

"I guess I went off the road and down through a little ditch and we were kind of heading towards trees and a sign and a utility pole," Sheridan, who was falling in and out of consciousness during the ordeal, told KSEE.

When the car was about to go crashing into a tree, quick-thinking Alex reached for the ignition and turned the key to kill the engine. She then proceeded to keep the ignition key secured until emergency responders arrived on scene.

Local authorities are crediting Alex with saving not only her mother's life, but also the lives of other individuals who could have been killed by the runaway car.

Sheridan's mother was given a special insulin pump that she will be able to keep with her which will prevent her from going into diabetic shock in the future. Sheridan also had high praise for her daughter.

"She saved her mom, she saved herself, she's an amazing kid," Sheridan said.