A Musical about the Devil, the Cross and an Orange

Callann Lane stars in "Broken" A Musical

Music artists Callann Lane, Nate Sallie, Darrell Vanzant and Manic Drive frontman Shawn Cavallo will be starring in the new musical "Broken" about a girl who encounters Satan and Jesus while dealing with dark times.

The production will be taped for broadcast before a live studio audience Friday at Trinity Music Theater in Hendersonville, Tenn., and it will premiere on JCTV in January.

The storyline is much like the familiar image of an angel and the devil on someone's shoulders, only in the play it is Satan (Sallie) and Jesus Christ (Vanzant). It begins when the character of Callann is seven years old and her parents are in the middle of a divorce. Satan appears to her and offers her toys that allow her to deal with her problems. The toys promise her protection from her personal ordeals, such as the divorce and her unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend, Mike (Cavallo). Through the toys she's able to mask the pains of her heart.

Throughout the musical, Jesus comes in and out of her life trying to guide her to do the right thing and turn to him instead. At the end, she turns to him out of the need for somebody to love her.

The musical is based on the one-act play "Broken Heart," written by Linda (Medill) MacDonald about 20 years ago. It has been used by youth ministries, and church and para-church organizations. In total, more than 4 million worldwide have viewed the play.

According to MacDonald's personal blog, she prepared the skit for a community youth retreat in the hopes of addressing youth's issues at a deeper and more personal level rather than just preaching to them about what they shouldn't do.

She wrote, "Nothing else seemed to come to mind. I bowed my head and prayed, 'Lord, what would put this all together?' The Lord instantly dropped the entire outline of the play into my head. Toys called Nails of Anger, Jealousy, and Illicit Sex – all of which nailed Jesus to the cross. A fireplace poker as a Rod of blame, representing the spear thrust in Jesus' side. A heart represented by an orange, broken and torn by sorrow, yet healed by the suffering Savior. I was so overwhelmed at the power of the cross, I wept for some time."

The play was adapted into a musical by Lane who saw much of her own life reflected in the storyline.

Lane (formerly known as Cali) told The Christian Post, "Not only do I get to relive my story everyday but I'm also being reminded of all the ways God has changed my life."

She hopes that teens will learn from her own personal mistakes, because she too went through a similar situation in her life. "Through this they see all the things I went through and say 'hey, I don't want to go down that road and maybe this Jesus thing is something I want to pursue.'"

Free seats for the musical are still available online.

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