Actor Jared Leto Compares His Long-Haired Look to Jesus But Says He's Not Comparing

Actor Jared Leto has posted a photo of himself next to a photo of Jesus on his Instagram account, saying that both images are examples of classic style. Leto also clarified that the post is not an attempt to compare himself to Jesus.

The 42-year-old actor, who recently won "Best Supporting Actor" at the Academy Awards for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club," posted the picture on Monday with the caption: "Haaaa! Fashion may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion. #ClassicLooks #FashionForward #ThanksJC #NotComparingToChrist xo." The tweet included a split photo showing Leto posing at the Oscars with his long hair let down earlier this year, and the other half of the picture showing a classic image of Jesus.

Leto's long, slightly wavy locks and bone structure have caused other media outlets to suggest the actor resembles Jesus Christ. Around the time of the Oscars awards show, U.K.-based The Independent ran a story that read: "Jared Leto Bears Uncanny Resemblance to Jesus Christ at Oscars 2014." Buzzfeed also ran an article titled: "Jared Leto Totally Looks Like Jesus."

In his recent post, the actor was quick to clarify that he was not comparing himself to Jesus, as celebrities have previously found themselves in hot water over such comparisons. Rapper Kanye West previously compared himself to Jesus in his album Yeezus, with one track titled "I Am a God." The rapper also posed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a crown of thorns with the caption "The Passion of Kanye West."

West's actions sparked criticism from Christians, including actress Candace Cameron Bure, who called  the Yeezus album blasphemous and criticized the rapper for "comparing himself to Jesus."

Although Leto was quick to clarify that he was not comparing himself to Jesus, his social media post still sparked a debate on what Jesus Christ actually looked like. "I hate to break it to you but Jesus did not have blue eyes and delicate features – he was born in the Middle East people! he would have had dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes," one commenter wrote.