Adam of the Bible had no race or ethnicity, Dennis Prager says

Dennis Prager, the founder of PragerU, speaks at the 2019 Road to Majority Conference hosted by the Faith & Freedom Coalition at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, D.C. on June 28, 2019.
Dennis Prager, the founder of PragerU, speaks at the 2019 Road to Majority Conference hosted by the Faith & Freedom Coalition at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, D.C. on June 28, 2019. | The Christian Post

WASHINGTON — Popular radio host Dennis Prager on Friday detailed some differences between "liberals" and "leftists," warning that leftists in American academia are cracking down on free speech in a way that a biblical view of race is considered a "microaggression." 

The founder of PragerU, a nonprofit that publishes videos on many political, economic, and social topics, spoke in front of Christian conservatives gathered for the annual “Road to Majority Conference” hosted by the evangelical grassroots organization Faith & Freedom Coalition. 

Prager, who has long criticized the leftward push in the Democrat Party, shared for the hundreds in attendance at the Omni Shoreham Hotel key distinctions between traditional “liberals” of the past and “leftists" who are pushing a far-left political agenda today.

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It's a distinction that, he says, is "both intellectually honest and effective." He urged attendees to go home and ask their own Democrat friends and family members whether they are liberals or leftists. 

One difference between liberals and leftists, he said, can be found when it comes to issues of race.  

“One of the basic liberal doctrines … was racial integration,” Prager said. “Racial segregation was [universally] regarded as evil. Racial segregation was something for bigots. That is correct. It was. [But] it’s returned.”

He noted that today, “leftists” support racial segregation “as much as they did in the deep South in the 1950s.” 

While that might seem like an outlandish statement, Prager pointed to certain trends emerging on college campuses in the U.S.

Prestigious institutions like Harvard University have begun holding voluntary all-black graduation ceremonies, while some institutions have even created voluntary all-black dormitory options.

As The College Fix reported in May, more than 75 private and public colleges nationwide are now holding voluntary all-black graduation ceremonies in addition to their regular graduation services. 

These ceremonies are part of a trend that the politically conservative National Association of Scholars calls “neo-segregation.”

“If you are against a black dormitory, you are considered racist,” Prager told the crowd. 

Prager said that another example is when the University of California told its faculty and staff in a microaggression training guide that making statements such as “there is only one race: the human race” is a microaggression. 

“[Its a microagression] If you just say there is only one race — the human race — but that is exactly what everyone in this room believes,” Prager stressed. “I believe on religious grounds that God created Adam. Adam was not black. Adam was not white. Adam was not Asian. Adam was not Hispanic.”

“We are all descended from a non-ethnic, non-race descriptive human being,” he continued. “All of us.”

Some think racial diversity began after the Genesis Flood, which some believe killed everyone on Earth except Noah, his wife, and three sons.

Another area that distinguishes liberals from leftists, Prager said, is Israel. 

“Liberals were noted for their support of Israel. [President] Harry Truman went against the entire State Department when he recognized Isreal’s independence when it was declared in 1948,” Prager said. “Liberals like John F. Kennedy and Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson of Washington state, liberals were in the forefront of support for Isreal.”

But today, Prager asserted, “the left hates Israel.”

“In all of left-wing history… leftism, unlike liberalism, has always been anti-Semitic and it is today,” he said. 

The third area of distinction between liberals and leftists is capitalism, Prager added.

“Liberals were always pro-capitalism,” he told the crowd. “The left hates capitalism because it enables freedom. Freedom is under assault.”

Prager concluded by stating that freedom is a value but it is not something that comes from “human instinct.” 

Rather than a desire to be free, Prager said that humans instinctually desire to be taken care of. 

“If you understand that, you understand why so often we lose to the left,” Prager contended. “The left does not give a damn about freedom but it does promise that you will be taken care of. That is the difference. Liberals believe in freedom and conservatives believe in freedom but the left believes in taking care of you, at least that’s their rhetoric.” 

Prager said that even in Numbers, the fourth book of the Bible, the human desire to be taken care of is evident. 

“The Israelites leave slavery. What is the first thing they do after they are liberated from slavery and they see the sea split and they see God’s hand?” Prager asked. “The first thing they do is complain. That’s what they do. … You know what they complained [about]? ‘It was better in Egypt because we had meat to eat.’”

“People don’t want to be free. It is better to be a slave who is given food than to be free and work for your food,” he continued. “That’s why the left wins. It appeals to human nature. We appeal to higher values. That’s the battle.”

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