Air Show Disaster in Iowa: Cause of Crash May Not Be Known for Weeks

The investigation into the air show disaster in Iowa is ongoing and it may be weeks until the cause of the crash of the military jet can be determined.

The horrific crash resulted in the death of Glenn Smith. He died after the Soviet-era trainer he was flying crashed in a shocking accident at the Iowa air show.

Best friend Jim Wilson has said of the crash video, "I can't bear to look at it."

He still refuses to watch any footage of the terrible accident that killed his friend, and it still appears that everyone is at a loss at what caused the crash.

"He was guy who crossed every T and dotted every I. He knew everything about his airplane," Wilson has said, according to CBS News.

According to those close to the accident there was no distress call made by the pilot before it crashed, and it remains a mystery. "We're all human and we don't know what happened but Glenn was one of the few gentlemen in 42 years of flying that I'd crawl in an airplane with without reservation."

Wilson has also said: "He had just finished restoring a Korean era Mig-17 to probably the finest condition of any airplane of its type in the world and he was enjoying flying that."

Funeral arrangements for Glenn Smith have still not been announced.