Amanda Knox Boyfriend Book Release: Raffaele Sollecito Admits Knox Behaved Oddly

Amanda Knox's former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito will release his new autobiography detailing the events that occurred before and after the murder of Meredith Kercher, admitting that he and Knox both behaved oddly.

For the first time since the Amanda Knox trial became international news, Raffaele Sollecito, a party involved in the court case, has admitted that he and former girlfriend Amanda Knox may not have behaved appropriately following the death of Knox's roommate.

The couple, who were dating at the time of the murder, became prime suspects after Kercher's body was found in the apartment that she shared with Knox and another female roommate. Further suspicion was cast when Knox displayed "odd" behavior following her roommate's death. Moments after being questioned about the event, both Sollecito and Knox were seen laughing and cuddling. Knox also went on to do cartwheels in the front of the police station.

In a later incident, just shortly after the discovery of the body, Knox was seen shopping for intimate underwear. The event prompted media members to refer to her as "Foxy Knoxy." In the book Sollecito admits that Knox's affection after the murder made him "uneasy."

Both Knox and Sollecito were imprisoned, but the case was later overturned and the pair was set free. Since, Knox has moved back to her hometown in Seattle and will also release a book although Sollecito has beat her to the chase. Sollecito has titled the book "Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back With Amanda Knox."

The book will be released on Sept. 18. Within the book, Sollecito admitted that he and Knox may have behaved badly but maintained that they both are innocent.

Despite the acquittal, the couple is not yet out of hot water as prosecutors have filed an appeal. The case will be heard in March of next year.

Sollecito recounts that his first night in prison brought along, "great waves of indignation" mixed with "a nagging sense of guilt" because to this day, he still fails to remember the complete details of that night.

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