Amanda Peet in 'Good Wife' Role Meets Rave Reviews (WATCH FULL EPISODE)

Amanda Peet has been applauded for her guest role Sunday night on "The Good Wife."

Peet, 40, first came to recognition after her appearance in the 2000 comedy, "The Whole Nine Yards." The actress has since been in a number of other roles including as a guest star on "How I Met Your Mother." But her latest appearance as Captain Hellinger in "The Good Wife" has been met with rave review. She portrays a female military officer accusing a civilian contractor of attempting to rape her in Afghanistan.

The latest episode of the show aired Sunday, titled "The Art of War." The response to the episode has been largely positive, many deeming it as a much needed "game changer" to the story line.

"You know how sometimes you're watching something and you can't see the actor as anything but the actor?" Huffington Post reviewer Chris Harnick wrote. "That wasn't so with Amanda Peet. I completely forgot it was her, which is a compliment. Just add her to the list of guest stars who successfully play against type and turn in a fine performance."

The episode also marked the directorial debut of Josh Charles, who is also a regular actor on the show. In a previous interview before the show aired he attempted to describe the poignancy of Peet's character.

"You see a woman whose life is a little shattered at the moment. Something that she believed in and trusted has fallen apart on her, and she's fighting it," the actor told Entertainment Weekly. "She connects with Alicia, whose world had fallen apart in a very public way and has come out the other side. To see that relationship develop in the midst of that was pretty great."

Fans also appeared to have a positive reaction to Peet's performance.

"Great to see Amanda Peet!" one user wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

Watch full episode HERE.