AMD Vega 11 News: Highly-Anticipated Budget Vega Card Is 'Baked Into CPU' and Might Launch Soon?

AMDPromotional image for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has yet to announce the launch date for its next budget Vega card, but a senior employee from the company teased earlier this week that the AMD Vega 11 GPU might actually be already close to launch. The employee also revealed that the upcoming Vega card is not a discrete graphics product but a card that's baked into the CPU.

Talks about a potential Vega budget card started when AMD launched its Vega line of graphics cards. Although details about the rumored card — the Vega 11 — are still scarce, tech enthusiasts have their own speculations as to what it will look like and when it will launch. Earlier this week, however, AMD's business development manager and product manager for Ryzen Threadripper James Prior hinted in an interview that the Vega 11 graphics card might arrive sooner than expected, but not in the way people would imagine.

Prior admitted that the AMD's Vega 11 is also a puzzle to him, primarily because their company has not yet announced a graphics card named Vega 11. "I don't know what Vega 11 is... Because we haven't announced anything that is Vega 11 by itself. What we do have is a product that is an APU called Raven Ridge... That's Ryzen Mobile so we've got a number of different product configurations there," he said.

"And the way we're marketing that graphics configuration capability is Ryzen Mobile with Vega, and then, superscript — '10, 11, 8, 2 graphics.' I know there has been some discussion of 'hey look there's a Ryzen with Vega and we're launching that in mobile right now," he said.

The most interesting part of Prior's interview was when he revealed that they have an available product today with Vega 11, but it's not a discrete graphics product. Unlike other graphics cards, this one is baked into the CPU. It remains to be seen if that product is the highly-anticipated Vega 11. If that is Vega 11, then the tech community might not need to wait for long before it finally launches.