Amy's Baking Company Owners to Appear on 'Dr. Phil' Show

They became infamous on "Kitchen Nightmares" and are now making an appearance on the "Dr. Phil" show. Samy and Amy Bouzaglo "are desperate to 'clear their name' and Dr. Phil's producers have been hounding them for quite some time to appear," a source close to the show said. Of course, with the Bouzaglo family, anything can happen.

The two became famous during an appearance on Gordon Ramsay's hit series "Kitchen Nightmares," in which he tries to help failing restaurants. When he visited Amy's Baking Company in Arizona, things went drastically different than planned. The Bouzaglos were resistant to change and even got into a yelling match with employees and Ramsay.

It marked the first time that Ramsay actually walked away from the challenge of rehabilitating the restaurant, citing the difficulty of working with the Bouzaglos. Since then, they've been media fodder, with people wanting to know as much as possible about life at the restaurant and posting reviews and comments about the couple online.

"I did some posts about their 'Kitchen Nightmares' show, Amy's conviction history, legal docs, Samy's past house deals in Las Vegas, etc. Then Amy looked at my LinkedIn profile. Several months pass, and I get an email from Dr. Phil show producers that seem eager to have me fly to LA to be on the show," a source told Radar Online.

"They mentioned things like they don't ambush people, etc. They just kept saying they wanted to have a 'discussion,' but I was attempting to understand how they would spin the show because I was worried that they might not be upfront with me," the source added.

The Bouzaglos are eager to have a new platform to speak from and want to use that platform to clear their family name. Since appearing on "Kitchen Nightmares," Amy Bouzaglo has claimed that she and husband Samy are working on their own reality TV show that will focus on their true story.