Amy's Baking Company Tip Situation Revealed by Former Waitress

Amy's Baking Company are hoping to receive some positive press now that a waitress has revealed the truth behind the tip situation at the restaurant. Customers and the public were outraged when it was alleged that Amy's took tips from its employees, but one waitress came forward with her own story of trying to take tips from the restaurant.

Employees are required to sign a contract stating that all tips are the property of the restaurant and are to be turned over to owners Amy and Samy. However, waitress Miranda, who appeared on the infamous episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" admitted to trying to take her tips from the restaurant.

"I was working my shift on Friday and it got really, really busy. I was swamped, had all these tables; I was doing everything, and one of our regulars came in. His personal friend left my tip under the table, which people had been doing for the last few days because they realized that I wasn't getting tipped. So I was taking them, of course, because legally that's my money," Miranda said during an interview with Mix 96.9 radio.

"And Samy accused me of taking it. Stealing his money is what he said to me. And he came to me in my face, yelling at me, 'Give me my money, give me my money.' I just looked at him in anger and told him, 'It's not your money.' I yelled at him and screamed at him. It was five dollars. Five dollars [and] he made a huge scene about it like it's the end of the world. SO I threw it at him and I walked out and that was the end of it," she added.

Now the restaurant's owners are hoping that they will be able to prove that they don't "take" tips from their employees but have a unique system worked out.

"Samy and Amy did nothing wrong, because while they took the servers' tips, they also paid them a much higher hourly wage than most servers," a source told Radar Online. "And Miranda signed that agreement, so the Bouzaglos just want everyone to know how dishonest she is. Legally they have the option to prosecute her, but they've chosen not to."

They feel that Miranda should consider herself lucky that they are not prosecuting for lost money. She now works as a waitress at another restaurant and is able to keep her tips without fear or intimidation by her bosses. Miranda worked at Amy's for approximately five weeks before leaving.