'Angie Tribeca' Season 3 Episode 3: Detective Duo Investigate Hit-And-Run Case, Go After Beloved Sports Star

The hunt for the serial killer preying on rich, white men may have to take a backseat in the next episode of TBS' police procedural comedy series "Angie Tribeca."

Facebook/TribecaTBSPromotional banner for TBS' police procedural parody series "Angie Tribeca."

According to the official synopsis for the episode titled "Brockman Turner Overdrive," a well-beloved college badminton star is a suspect in a hit-and-run case. However, since the player is a well-regarded citizen of Los Angeles, which is a badminton city, everyone chooses to instead turn a blind eye.

However, detectives Tribeca (Rashida Jones) and Geils (Hayes MacArthur), find fault in the case and will pursue it until they find the right person to pin the hit-and-run charges on, even if it turns out to be the beloved badminton star.

Meanwhile, a mentalist from the previous episode has raised an issue in Tribeca and Geils' relationship in that the former seems to want something that the latter is not yet ready to give. They seemed to have brushed past this issue then, but how long will they be able to ignore it?

Also, there's still the unsolved case of the Trophy Hunter that they will have to contend with in the future. Was the suspect they mistook for an officer really the serial killer that they have been looking for? Will they finally be able to catch him on their next encounter, or will this arc really take nine episodes to resolve, as claimed by TBS in a press release?

In other news, executive producer and series writer Ira Ungerleiderspoke about "Angie Tribeca" during Deadline's Contenders Emmys event last Sunday, April 9.

"Their assignment on the show is you're on a procedural. I'm the disciplinarian that won't let anyone smile, wink or give a face like, 'Oh that was crazy.' They are cops and that's it, and everything has to be taken seriously," Ungerleider said.

The executive producer also mentioned "Airplane!" as the inspiration for the show and that he would love to have Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Beyoncé as guests in future episodes.

"Angie Tribeca" season 3 episode 3 airs on Monday, April 24 at 10:30 p.m. EDT on TBS.