Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Launched by Rovio

The Angry Birds Star Wars trailer was launched by Rovio earlier today.

The company had been teasing an upcoming "Star Wars" announcement for quite a few days now, which culminated in an Angry Birds title that takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

The trailer for the game was released this morning and the new Angry Birds will land on iOS and other platforms on Nov. 8. Rovio will also partner up with Hasbro to create a new line of "Star Wars"-themed Angry Birds toys.

The game will take place in different places found in the "Star Wars" films including the Death Star and Tatooine. The Angry Birds will also be disguised as some of the most popular characters from the science fiction series including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

"This is the best Angry Birds game we've ever done," said Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio. "It's the best parts of Angry Birds with all new cutting-edge gameplay set in a galaxy far, far away. As a big Star Wars fan myself, I'm really excited about this new universe. The Force is definitely strong with this one."

Lucasfilm's Vice President and Head of Studio Operations Colum Slevin also expressed his excitement for the new game.

"Both Star Wars and Angry Birds share the instant and irresistible appeal of hands-on fun," he said. "People seem to instinctively know what to do when handed a lightsaber or a bird in a slingshot, so this is a natural combination."

Angry Birds Star Wars will also be available on Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, and Windows Phone in the near future.

Sega's Crazy Taxi is also coming to iOS later this month and the company's website confirmed the release earlier today.